Weight Loss Motivation - Keep the Momentum !

weight loss motivation

Before you start the 6 steps to lose weight fast program, you need to know what is your weight loss motivation and set yourself a certain target or expectation. Nothing too ambitious or easy but a realistic and workable one. Otherwise, you may soon lose track and give up on the program. You need to keep yourself motivated and maintain the momentum.


You have to know why you want to lose weight. What motivates you? It may be any of the reasons below:-

  • I want to lose weight!
  • Reasons to lose weight.
  • Desperate to lose weight quickly.
  • Wedding Party.
  • Important Event.


You have to manage your expectations.

Most doctors will recommend that it is healthier to lose approximately one pound a week. 1 pound = 0.454 kg or 2.2 pounds = approximately 1kg.

Under normal circumstances, the 6-steps weight loss fast program will be able to help you shed approximately 2 – 5 pounds in 2 weeks. That is approximately 2 KG off in two weeks or easily 5 – 8 KG in 2 months.
So remember:

2 weeks = 2 – 5 pounds
2 months = 5 – 8 kg

In reality, because of the heavy socializing schedule we have, we may not be able to lose 8 kg completely in 2 months. Unless you are very disciplined and very hardworking! But I can easily achieve 5 kg whenever I am back in my desperate-to-lose weight routine. It always happen after a holiday or festive season.

Once you get your weight loss motivation and expectation right, let's move on to the 6 Steps to Fast Weight Loss Programs!

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