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Can't Lose Weight? Why?

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In this weight loss help article, we have assembled a list of reasons why many people can’t lose weight successfully. Here are some reasons why you can’t lose weight:-

Lack of motivation to lose weight. Loss of interest after some time and lack of discipline. See Weight Loss Motivation on how to keep up with your momentum.

Alcohol. Taking excessive alchol during lose weight period. A can of beer is approximately 155 calories, see Calories in Alcohol for a list of calories in different types of alcoholic drinks. So, if you have drinking excessively all summer long, you will notice weight gain especially around your belly area. Also, alcohol will stop your liver from getting rid of any fat already there. This is not going to help you in any weight loss program.

Beverage. Drinking too much coffee or soft drinks or beverages with high calorie count. See water weight loss for alternative beverage or Green Tea Weight Loss.

Too many social events. This happens everytime, you have tried to lose weight for three days and the next day there is a social event and you end up eating all the calories you have managed to cut in the last three days. Even though you have a social event, you have to mentally count the calorie intake you are consuming. For example, if you were to drink a cup of latte, only drink ½ cup. If you were to drink champagne, drink maybe just one glass (approximately 89 calories), not a bottle (closed to 550 calories). If you were to eat, choose Low Calorie Foods like fish instead of a whole steak, skip the mash potato and eat more vegetables and fruits.

Eating too much after exercise. Normally if you exercise aggressively, you tend to feel hungrier. Some people they feel good after exercise and mentally they think they can afford to eat all these food because they have exercised. However, if you do your calorie counting properly, a 1 hr run will burn approximately 700 calories. But after the running, you have a full breakfast of over 1000 calories, you have actually gained more calories then losing it.

Fasting to lose weight. Another weight loss help that many readers asked about. People think that by fasting, they can lose weight faster. Yes and no. By not eating anything, of course you will lose weight. But your body is going into a starvation mode. It is also not good for health. It will create a yo yo lose weight scenario which is not sustainable for the weight you have lost. See fasting to lose weight for more information.

Snacking. The calories in a lot of snacks are actually more than your normal meal. They are many people who like to munch on something in between meals. Try to lose this habit. Or find snacks with low calorie count as a substitution.

Zero exercise. You need to move your body, increase the metabolism rate. At least, you need to keep yourself busy, move around, walk a bit more, it is better than not doing any exercise. See Exercise Lose Weight for types of workout you might like.

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