Weight Loss Exercise - Step 4

Choose one type of exercise

You need to choose one form of weight loss exercise no matter how much you do not want to exercise. I hate to exercise as well, however, in order to be successful in the 6 steps to lose weight fast program, the F.E.C. Method, the E. portion is very important. Please go to exercise lose weight for more details.

I have listed down the popular forms of exercise and the calories you can burn. Just choose one form of exercise and do it everyday for one hour a day. If you are not the gym type like me, or just not into working out too hard you might want to consider the following:-

Whatever you do, aim to lose approximately 250 – 300 calories per day. That is equivalent to one hour of walking or half an hour of running and half an hour of simple exercise.

For those who are as lazy as me, I actually “incorporated” these exercise into my daily routine. I break up the 1 hour exercise into different sections throughout my day.

In The Morning

When I wake up, I do a simple 10 minute strechting exercise at home before going to work. I will increase this to 20 minutes when I am not working.

During The Day

I tend not to sit at the desk for too long. I try to walk around as much as possible. I also tried walking up and down the staircase as much as possible. This really helps and it is free.

After Work

I will allocate another 15 minutes of simple exercise at home. Sometimes I will run for 30 minutes, walk for 30 minutes, swim for 30 minutes or so on.

At Night

Before I go to bed, I will try to do some sit-ups and weight lifting to build my muscles. Just purchase a simple pair of dumb bells. After some weight lifting, take a nice warm bath and sleep.

The weight loss exercise part is meant to increase your metabolism rate. It is a very crucial part for your fast weight loss programs. Once you are ready, let's move on to Step 5, Drink Water to Lose Weight of our free weight loss plans.

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