Walking to Lose Weight

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My favourite weight loss method is walking to lose weight and I am still practising it everyday to keep myself slim. An hour of brisk walking burns approximately 200 - 250 calories. Again it depends on your weight and your size. It is said that you burn up to 100 calories by walking only around 2,500 to 3,000 steps. When you say walking, you do not necessary need to allocate 1 hour per day, incorporate this into your daily activities.


Incorporate brisk walking exercise into your shopping routine as well. If you are window shopping or buying grocery, stroll an extra lane or hour, you will notice how many more steps you have taken.

My Little Trick - Pedometer

A little trick that I did was to purchase a walking pedometer. It is quite inexpensive and fun to have one. The rule of thumb is to complete approximately 10,000 steps a day. By that you will burn approximately 300 to 400 calories depending on your weight and size. Some said you can burn up to 500 calories when you increase your speed.

Put this pedometer into your pocket or handbag and do your daily routine. You will be surprise how many steps you have walked a day.

Walking for Weight Loss is a healthy and free method to lose weight! I have dropped one waist size and got a slightly slimmer waist just by walking an average 5 hours a day for 4 days on one of my holidays. It is just that effective and even your friend will notice your slimmer waist line!

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