Swimming to Lose Weight

swimming to lose weight

Swimming to lose weight is a very good form of weight loss exercise as it uses all the major muscles groups in the body at once. Swimming is a good calorie-burner and different type of strokes can ton different parts of your body. Overall, one hour of swimming can help you burn approximately 360-500 calories depending on your weight, stroke and speed.

Breaststroke burns fewer calories than the other strokes. It can burn approximately 360 calories for an hour. However, Breaststroke helps to work on chest muscles, tones bra-strap area, shoulders and inner thigh. For ladies, it could be a good workout exercise for you.

Freestyle is quite commonly use by men and some ladies as well. It works on your torso, shoulder, abdominals and the overall body muscle at once. On average, freestyle can burn approximately 550 calories in an hour depending on your speed and weight.

Butterfly stroke is the hardest and burns the most calories. On average, butterfly stroke can burn over 800 calories for an hour! However, beware of injuries if not properly train.

calories in swimming
*depending on body weight, speed and individual, this list is just a very rough guide.

I have known of people who have lost weight by constantly swimming for 30 mins everyday. I also known of an 85-year old grandmother, swimming ┬Ż hour every morning and she is still very strong, healthy and alert. I think it must be an effective and healthy way of exercise.

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