Running to Lose Weight

running to lose weight

Running to Lose Weight is one of the best and easiest weight loss exercise method if you can constantly execute it. Just run for 30 mins a day you should be able to lose approximately 300 calories. Jogging will burn approximately 500 calories per hour. One hour of running fast will help you burn approximately 700 calories depending on your weight and size. Running will also help you tone your body. I am not expert in running so I cannot give you specific advice on it.

However, just look at how effective running weight loss is from the calories burnt chart (based on rough estimations and depending on your body size and weight):-

running calories

I have watched an interesting tv program on a severely overweight teenager’s success story in losing weight by just jogging in front of the television for 2 minutes a day for months. Now he is teaching all his mates to do the same in his village.

I think the concept is quite simple, running is a good form of overall exercise. Besides being an effective way to lose weight, it also increases your heartbeat, your metabolism rate and build your muscles in a longer term.

Advice on Running to Lose Weight

1. Eat More?

One piece of advice after jogging or running, people get hungry and actually consume more food. Hence, they actually put on more calories than not running. I have friends who do the same thing. That is why even running for 1 hour everyday, she still can’t lose weight!

2. Sports Drinks

Another mistake many people make when they are running for weight loss is they consume a lot of sports drinks during or after the run. Many of these sports drinks contain quite a lot of glucose or calories in it. They claim to “boost” your energy level but also “increase” your calories intake. It defeats the purpose of trying to burn calories. If you want to drink, drink water, water has zero calories, see water weight loss.

If you think Running to Lose Weight is too tiring, see walking to lose weight as another option.

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