Quick Weight Loss Tips
- 7 Easy Tips

quick weight loss tips

Here are some quick weight loss tips that can help you shred a few pounds. These are very easy and simple fast weight loss tips that we can practice in our daily life without incurring any cost and yes, without involving exercise at all!

1. Avoid Alcohol

Alcohol is one of the worst enemies when it comes to weight loss. It disturbs the normal liver function and delay the fat breaking process. The Calories in Alcohol are rather high as well. For example, one can of beer is approximately 155 calories (depending on brands and ingredients) while one glass of wine is around 85 calories. It gets worst as you normally drink more than one. Avoid alcohol for at least 2 weeks when you are trying to lose weight and you can see the promising results yourself.

2. Replace All Beverages with Water, Green Tea

The beverages that we drink daily can add up to many calories without us noticing. Most soda water has approximately 120-150 calories in a can while coffee like latte has 180 calories. If you do not want to count your calories, the quickest weight loss tips is to drink only water or green tea. See Water Weight Loss or Green Tea Weight Loss for more details.

3. Avoid Eating Desserts

The calories in desserts can be rather high although they look small. A piece of tiramisu can have over 450 calories while a normal carrot cake is over 300 calories. One of the quick weight loss tips is just avoid eating desserts, just avoid eating desserts or switch to Low Calorie Desserts .

4. Do Not Starve Yourself

Many people think that the best way to lose weight is starve yourself. Yes and no. You can lose weight very quick in a very short period by not eating, technically. However, it will create a yo-yo effect to your diet and weight in the longer run. By not eating anything, your body goes into starvation mode and you metabolism rate reduces. After a few days, you will be so hungry that you start eating more than you will normally do.

5. Reduced High Fat Content Foods

One of the crucial quick weight loss tips is to reduce high fat content foods such as butter, full cream milk, red meat, cheese and other saturated fats. Some fast food and processed foods have rather high fat content as well. Fats contain higher calories per gram and tend to be stored on your arms and tummy area when eaten excessively. You still need to consume fat content food but limit to approximately 15-20% of your overall calories intake.

6. Eat Breakfast

When you are on diet, it does not mean you have to skip breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal for the day as after your 8 hours of sleep. Your body needs energy to keep the day going. If you are on diet, limit your breakfast to approximately 300-400 calories. You can include eggs, milk, whole grains bread or fruits. Switched whole cream milk to 2% fat, semi skimmed or low fat milk, replaced white processed bread to whole grains bread. Do not eat a full spread of breakfast like sausages, bacon, stacks of pancake with tons of butter, cheese, where added together it can be over 800 calories. Go light and choose Low Calorie Breakfast.

7. Snack

The problem with snacking can be quite serious for many. There are people who can skip breakfast, lunch but keep eating small snacks in between. So of the snacks might look small but can contain high calories and none nutrition food for your body. If you are hungry between meals, pick up an apple (approximately 60 calories) or a banana (approximately 90 calories) or a low fat yogurt. Limit it to around 100-150 calories.

The above 7 quick weight loss tips are easy to implement and will help you shred some pounds. However, if you need to reduce more pounds, you will need a proper and more comprehensive lose weight plans. Try our popular 6 Steps to Fast Weight Loss Programs .

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