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What are some of the low calorie desserts can you have even when you are on diet? When you are on your weight loss program, it does not mean you have to give up dessert totally. I love desserts. I am one of those who will skip main course and eat only desserts. Here is a list of some of the common desserts and the calories. There are many low calorie desserts that you can choose from and does not ruin your diet.

Ice Cream

Many people think ice cream is a sinful dessert to eat when you are on diet. However, if you analyze the calories in details, it is not as bad after all. Just do not finish one pint of ice cream. One half cup of ice cream is approximately 150 calories, quite equivalent to a soda. The richer and creamer the ice cream, the higher the calories in general. You will notice rich ice cream such as Haagen Dazs, which has approximately 20% fat, contains approximately 250 calories in half a cup size.

When on diet, choose low fat ice cream or some brands called it reduced fat, fat free. Low fat yogurt also has lower calories compared to the full cream rich ice cream. Do not add any additional toppings or hot chocolate fudge or anything like that. It will tremendously increase the calorie count. For example, one banana split sundae will have over 1,000 calories!

low calories desserts ice cream
(*Depending on size, ingredients and brands. This is just a rough guide.)


I love to eat cakes. Here is a list of some of the popular types of cakes (at least those that I like) and the calories. When on diet, avoid the cream and icing on top. Cakes are quite high in calories actually. One piece of tiramisu is over approximately 400 calories, cheese cake is over 350 calories, carrot cake approximately 300 calories. By eating any of these, you will need to run for approximately 35 minutes to burn them off.

A regular cup cake with icing on top is approximately 260 calories, quite similar to a regular brownies. A cinnamon roll is approximately 300 calories. A regular donut is approximately 220 calories, again depending on brands, size and toppings. A piece of apple pie is approximately 330 calories and that is excluding the scope of ice cream besides it! One roll of Cinnabon Caramel Pecanbon is over 1,000 calories!

low calorie desserts cakes

(*Depending on size, ingredients and brands. This is just a rough guide.)

If you really need to have some dessert during your weight loss period, just try eating low calorie desserts of only approximately 200 calories. Alternatively, you can also try some low calorie cakes. One small scope of ice cream preferably low fat or fat free, or half a size of a cake is still tolerable. However, fruits will still be the best option for dessert or just a small cup of coffee with less sugar and milk.

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