Low Calorie Cakes

low calorie chocolate cake

I have ensemble a list of low calorie cakes with calories of below 300 per piece. Most cakes are rather high in calorie. If you cannot resistant the temptation of eating cakes, remember to avoid icing, rich butter and lots of cream if you want to lose weight.

List of Cakes below 300 Calories

low calorie cakes

(*Depending on size, ingredients and brands. This is just a rough guide.)

Cakes that are very high in calorie include Cinnamon Apple Pie 950 calories, tiramisu 450 calories, most muffins have over 400 calories while cheese cake has approximately 350-450 calories per piece. Most fruit pies are rather high in calorie as well, a piece of pecan pie has over 420 calories, pumpkin pie around 300 calorie and chocolate pie approximately 345 calories. A piece of plain chocolate cake has around 350 calories, including the frosting and icing will add up to around 430 calories per piece.

By now you will notice a piece of cake sometimes might equivalent to a proper lunch or dinner meal of over 500 calories. If you are trying to lose weight, try not to eat any dessert or cakes. Pick up a slice of fruits or just an apple. A plain scope of ice cream is around 200 calories, see low calorie desserts. If you really need to eat cakes, a piece of sponge cake, a piece of ginger bread or a small slide of fruit cake is good low calorie choice.

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