Green Tea Weight Loss

green tea weight loss

I have seen many people suggesting green tea weight loss. But is it possible to really lose weight drinking green tea? Of course, I have read many benefits of drinking green tea, health benefits, lowering heart disease and high antioxidant level.

Green tea contains caffeine, polyphenols and epigallocatechin gallate (EGCg). The antioxidants loaded in green tea called catechins are believed to help lose weight. There were also studies done that green tea increases our metabolic rate as the EGCg found in green tea helps to increase energy expenditure.

My Experience - Drink Green Tea to Lose Weight

Personally, I have tried drinking green tea to lose weight for over 6 months period myself. This is reinforced after watching one of Oprah’s shows where one expert recommended drinking green tea to lose weight.

What I actually noticed is, at least from my personal experience, it acts like a better form of drink to digest your food faster after over eating. However, the disadvantage of green tea weight loss for me is that the food get digested a little bit too quickly and I end up being hungry faster.

When you are hungry, you will end up eating more and that adds up to the calories. Green tea itself like many other types of tea has zero calories. The other very simple zero calories drink you can drink day and night will be water, see Water Weight Loss. so if you are ordering green tea as your choice of beverages compared to a soft drink, it is of course a better substitute. However, if you are just relying on green tea to shred pounds, you have to try that yourself.

Green Tea Supplements?

Nowadays because of the green tea craze, you started seeing many products made from green tea like green tea extract supplements. Some are in tablets format and many claimed that you can lose weight by eating them. I have not really tried it but I would still prefer drinking the real green tea. You know exactly what you are drinking and it is even cheaper.

Which type of Green Tea help to lose weight?

I got this question a lot through emails from readers. Many asked for specific brands, some asked whether decaf will give you the same benefits while others asked about organic green tea.

I have bought many different types of green tea. Decaf, powder form, tea leaves form, organic, fresh green tea leaves and etc. I still drink at least 3 cups of green tea a day, not really to lose weight, but for its health benefits. I would say any types of green tea should give you the same benefits.

However, do be careful of some of those green tea soft drinks. I noticed some of the so called green tea soft drinks has almost the same calories like a normal soft drinks. If you are trying green tea weight loss, better buy the tea bag or tea leaves types.

Green tea is a good zero calories beverage when you are in your lose weight period. Besides, it offers many other different health benefits.

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