Free Weight Loss Plans
- Preparation

There are two preparation to free weight loss plans to consider before you start our unique 6 steps to Fast Weight Loss Programs :-

digital weigh scale

1. Buy a Digital Weigh Scale

You need a good digital weigh scale. The normal scale is not very effective in keeping track of your weight on a short term basis. There are so many different types of digital scales. The more expensive ones come with features for measuring body fat and etc. You do not really need it and honestly, I do not have that as well. What you need is a digital scale that has at least one decimal point, like 125.5 pounds.

Avoid the fancy glass bathroom scales. I find them to be inaccurate. Maybe it is not very stable or maybe it is just me.

A digital weigh plays a very crucial part in your overall Free weight loss plans. So, go and get yourself a good digital scale now!

weight loss journal

2. Weight Loss Journal or Diet Plans Journal

You need to keep a weight loss journal or diet plans journal. You can use a small notebook, your ipad, blackberry or whatever you feel most comfortable with and convenient to you.

For me, I just bought a small pocket-sized notebook,10cm by 7cm, one that I can fit into my handbag everywhere I go. Costs me less then $2. Avoid bulky notebooks as they are difficult to carry around and after a while you will not use it anymore. This is important as it keep track of your weight loss progress.

So, before you move on to your fast weight loss programs, make sure you have done your preparation with your digital weigh scale and diet plans journal.

Let's move to the next step when you are ready, Weight Loss Motivation .

Weight Loss Motivation
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