Foods to Lose Weight
- What to Avoid

foods to lose weight

There are two main categories of foods to lose weight. Avoid eating such foods and you can easily lose more weight without much effort.

Many people have asked me what are the best foods for weight loss? I always tell them that besides consuming Low Calorie Foods, actually the best type of foods to lose weight is to avoid eating the high calories, high fat content food.

1. Fast Food or Junk Food

Fast food or junk food. As much as we love it and I love burgers and french fries. Go slow on them. You might not be able to reduce them all at once. Just reduce the frequency. Junk food are normally high in sugar and fat. They also contain high saturated fat which is really not good for your body.

Do not consume any fast food or junk during your 6 Steps to Fast Weight Loss Programs. You can add them back slowly after that period.

A trick I have learned when I am craving for fast food is to look through the calorie list (which they normally have it).I pick a burger in the region of 300-350 calories, a medium fries in the region of 250 calories and maybe a mineral water or an ice lemon tea with no sugar.

That theoretically adds up to about 600 -750 calories. However, I only consumed half of the portion, which is 300 to 400 calories. With this quantum, I will not gain too much weight with one meal but can easily burn it off later.

However, i only allow myself to eat fast foods maybe once or twice a month. The fat content in most of it is too high and it does not help in any weight loss effort.

2. Ready meals, convenience food & processed food.

Microwavable foods are easy and fast to do but most of these ready meals are high in sugar and fat level. Highly processed foods also lack nutrients and vitamins. Try reducing the intake and avoid them during your weight loss period.

If you are too lazy to cook a meal, you can eat fruits or raw vegetables. Pick up an apple or banana for snacks when you are hungry or drink some fresh fruit juices.

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