Fat Burning Exercise


Which type of fat burning exercise will help you burn the most number of calories in the same period of time? We have assembled a list of best weight loss exercise or activities with the highest calories burn within an hour. This will be your best exercise to lose weight especially if you are embarking on the 6 Steps to Fast Weight Loss Programs.

Exercise that Burn the Highest Calories*

fat burning exercise chart

Exercise that burn less than 500 calories per hour*

high exercise calories

(*depending on body weight and individual, this list is just a very rough guide.)

When looking through the list, you will be surprise that running can easily burn 800 - 900 calories (depending on your speed and size) while aerobics only used up around 360 calories. Rowing (700 calories) is also a good weight loss exercise and kickboxing (800 calories) is also rank high. The best part is some of the exercises are actually free!

As I mentioned earlier, to exercise lose weight, you do not necessary need to join expensive gym membership and workout. Many of the activities are actually quite fun and enjoyable. It can also promote friendship and improve relationship when you get the right friends and partner to workout with you.

Note that this is just targeting at exercising and losing weight. If you want to specifically target a certain area to lose weight like stomach, abs, belly fat, you may need professional help or trainer. Also if you have medical problems or anything you are not comfortable with, please consult your doctor.

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