Fasting to Lose Weight

fasting to lose weight

There are many people who believe fasting to lose weight is the best way to diet. Not eating anything, you will definitely be slimmer after a few days. Yes and no. You can lose weight very quick in a very short period by not eating, technically. However, it will create a yo-yo effect to your diet and weight in the longer run.

When you starve yourself, you will get hungry and tend to give up easily with an empty stomach. Your blood sugar will also decrease. In the end you will end up eating more than required, because you are so hungry.

On a scientific explanation, when you do not eat anything for a period of time, body will turn to protein for source of fuel. It will also start breaking down fats. If you do not eat anything for a long period of time with complete starvation, Death can occur.

Of course death from fasting for weight loss is very rare, but there are many ladies who start feeling dizzy or collapse when starving themselves because of the low blood sugar level in their body. Also, when you do not eat anything, your metabolism slows down.

I do not recommend fasting for weight loss at all. You have to eat something, at least something in order to diet in a healthier manner. Try our 6 Steps to Fast Weight Loss Programs as a better diet alternative or switch to Low Calorie Foods.

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