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6 Steps - F.E.C Method !

Before you start the 6 steps to fast weight loss Programs, please visit the preparation tips in free weight loss plans and Weight Loss Motivation first. It will help prepare yourself to get the most benefit out from the program.

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The program is broken down into 3 step phrases:-

6 steps to Fast Weight Loss + Exercise to lose weight + Calorie to lose weight

lose weight fec method

F.E.C Weight Loss Method

I call it the F.E.C weight loss method. All three have to go hand in hand. Without any one of it, your fast weight loss plans will not be complete and this is very crucial.

Let’s start with F phase first. In any weight loss program, in this case, our own Do-It-Yourself (DIY) program, the thought of losing weight is very important. That urge of losing weight at that particular time and period is important. It must be something that triggers you to lose weight. Capture this urge and momentum and capitalise on it immediately.

Normally, the urge will go away after a short period of time. Then, after that you are busy with something else and later on something sets you off and you are back again. Hence, it is a never ending story if you don’t take action. So while you are still at it, commit at least 2 weeks to this free weight loss plans.

2 Weeks

This 2 weeks will be your most aggressive weight loss phase. Your aim is to reduce as much calories as possible and increase your exercise rate. Shed as many pounds as you can in the first 2 weeks. If you can keep on with your momentum, continue doing this for 2 months and you should see promising results on this 6 steps lose weight fast plans on your own.

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