Fast Weight Loss Programs
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Fast Weight Loss Programs

Weigh Yourself

The very first step to our 6 steps Fast Weight Loss Programs is to Weigh yourself on the digital weight scale that you have bought.


The time when you weigh yourself should be consistent. Preferabily do this early in the morning after you get out from bed. Since I am always rushing to work, I keep my digital scale in the office (under my desk!) and I weigh myself in the morning after I get to the office.


If you try weighing yourself at different periods of the day, you will notice some variation. So be consistent. Also bear in mind that your shoes, the clothes and accessories you wear will also slightly change your weight. So bear that in mind. There are also people who can only weigh themselves at night after a long day. Note that the weight changes even more if you do that because you have taken food during the day.

Most experts will recommend that you do not weigh yourself too frequently, but do it only on a weekly basis. However, I would think it is important as it keeps the momentum going even on the slightest reduction in weight. Do note that your weight fluctures quite frequently. So do not get disappointed easily.

Once you have weigh yourself, let's move to Step 2.

Step 2-Fast Weight Loss Programs
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