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Exercise Lose Weight is important to complete the whole diet program. No matter which type of exercise you choose, you HAVE to choose one type of exercise to lose weight. This weight loss exercise is needed to increase your metabolism rate and increase the rate you burn fat.

Here are some of the easy to do weight loss exercise you might want to consider:

A more scientific explanation of the need to exercise to lose weight is the RMT (Resting Metabolic Rate) which is closely related to Basal metabolic rate (BMR). You can google it to read in detail. In a nutshell, RMT is the energy used by your body even when you are totally at rest. It accounts for about 65 – 75% of total energy used by our body for breathing, functioning of your organs and other basic body functions. It is one of important ways how our body burn off our fat or energy.

If your RMT is high, then you can theoretically be burning fat and energy at a faster rate passively, even without you knowing. How do you increase your RMT rate? That is by turning more fat into muscle. Muscle tissue burn more calories than fat. Most fitness experts will tell you a kg of muscle could burn approximately 120 calories a day at rest compared to fat of only about 20 calories. So the more lean muscle you have, the more it could help you to lose weight and burn more calories even when you are sleeping!

Exercise to lose weight besides aiming to increase your muscle tissue, you are burning off some of your energy usage from your total daily calories count. Remember, anything that you do will burn off some calories. The more active you are in your everyday life, the more calories you burn. So choose at least one type of exercise lose weight methods and start burning some fat.

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