Easy Weight Loss for Teens -
3 Steps

Easy Weight Loss for Teens

I have received many emails asking for easy weight loss for teens. These teenagers are overweight by easily 5 pounds, 10 pounds, 15 pounds or more. Many of them are self-aware that they are overweight and some are under pressured by peers. They would like to know what to do but do not know how. A few of them just starve themselves for many days hoping to lose weight in that manner.

Over here, we will try to suggest some easy weight loss for teens tips to make it easy for teenagers and their lifestyle. (Before you begin anything, make sure you consult your parents or teachers or professional bodies.)

When it comes to weight loss for teens, there are few things to note.

  • Metabolism rate. Overall, as a teenager, your metabolism rate is on the high side. So, you can burn off calories faster and easier than adults.
  • Growth. As a teenager, you are still growing. Therefore, nutrition is very important. You do not need to focus too much on calories counting or fasting. Just continue eating, but focus more on nutritious and healthy food.

Here, I have modified my 6 steps to fast weight loss plans to better suit the teenagers with only 3 steps easy weight loss for teens:-

i) Step 1 – Do you really need to lose weight?
If so how much?

The 3 steps easy weight loss for teens start with figuring out whether you need to lose weight and how much you are overweight by. You might not be overweight in the first place. Avoid being push around by your peers or lose weight because is in vogue.

You can check your BMI, or body mass Index, statistical measure of body weight based on a person's weight and height. This link Teens BMI from Great Ormond Street Hospital in UK is quite easy to use, just key in your age, weight, height, they will tell you whether you are overweight or not. (note: one stone is approximately = 14 pounds = 6.37kg). Before you do anything, it is good to speak to your parents or seek consultancy from doctors on your weight loss problem.

ii) Step 2 – Manage your Food Intake

Ok. Bad news. You are overweight. There are few things to do. One very important thing is your food intake. The problems with most overweight teenagers are the amount of junk food that they consume. Junk food, processed food, snacks, soda water if consumed in a big amount is going to make you fat.

Take out a pen/pencil and a piece of paper. List down all the food your have consumed today. Everything from morning until at night, including all the drinks, snacks, sodas, cookies, chocolate, ice cream. You DO NOT need to count your calories, that makes life very difficult for you. This exercise is just to let you know, how much food you have consumed a day.

Cut down some of the junk food, or very high calories food if you are serious about your weight loss. You can still consume them but limit yourself. For example, instead of drinking milk shakes (500+ calories) twice a day 7 days in a row, drink maybe just once, or change to Ice-Tea or juices. Instead of having double cheese burger, just have a normal burger.

Add in some vegetables and fruits in your daily intake. I am not asking you to eat salad all day. But add in some mix vegetable or fresh fruits or juices at least once in your daily diet.

iii) Step 3 – Pick One Type of Exercise

I know you hate the word exercise. I hate it as well. But for the third step of easy weight loss for teens, you have to add in some form of exercise if you want to lose weight. Exercise Lose Weight does not mean you need to go to the gym and workout. For most teenagers, you have no access to the gym, so do something else.

Get some friends and do some activities together. You can go swimming, cycling, running, play basketball, tennis or just walking. Schedule the activities with your friends at least once or twice a week, one or two hours, fix a certain time on the certain week. This way you will force yourself to exercise by default every week. Again, consult your parents before you do anything especially if your neighborhood is not so safe to play outside after school. You can also join some school activities that involve exercise.

Just reduced one hour of your computer time everyday to do some form of activities. Switch the computer off and do something. You can even help your mother on housework that can burn approximately 120 calories per hour or playing the piano (burn approximately 200 calories per hour).

By doing all of the above 3 steps easy weight loss for teens, you should be able to shred some weight. However, do not expect instant result. It will take weeks or months depending on how hardworking you are. But by eating healthier and exercising it will help you not only on your weight but also your body and mind.

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