Drink Water to Lose Weight
- Step 5

drink water lose weight

As simple and easy as that, first thing in the morning, drink water to lose weight.

The first thing when you wake up in the morning is to drink water approximately 200 – 300ml which works out to be approximately half a bottle of a normal mineral water bottle size. You do not need to drink mineral water, just regular water will do. Do this first thing in the morning before you have your breakfast.

There are also people who emailed and asked whether you need to drink hot water, warm or ice cold water? I do not think it matters much. However, i normally just drink water at temperature level as i kept a bottle of water near my bedside so that i can drink it first thing in the morning.

I found this method to be quite effective. Water help to loss weight and it also acts as a cleasing medium for your body.

Drinking water to lose weight has other functions as well, see Water Weight Loss sector for more details.

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Step-6, Weight Loss Journal
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