Calories to Lose Weight

calories to lose weight

No weight loss program can be complete without knowing your calories to lose weight intake. The calorie counting to lose weight section will touch on some basics on calorie counting and list down some popular foods’ calories.

It is very crucial to master the calorie counting section. One way to do it is to use the little weight loss journal and keep track of all the calories intake you have consumed on a certain date. There are many websites that give you the exact calorie count of many types of food. Keep tracking and checking the calories you have consumed and after a month or two you will have a very good idea which types of food will give you the lowest calorie but still taste good.

One kCal or kilocalorie is actually a thousand calories. 1 kcal = 1,000 cal = 1 Cal. Another measure of energy is actually kJ or kilojoule which we often see on food label. 1kCal = 4.18 kilojoules.

To know what should be your ideal weight for your size and built and how much do you really need to lose weight, you can go into detail on Body Mass Index (BMI). BMI is a statistical measure of body weight based on a person's weight and height.

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Calorie Counting to Lose Weight

Counting calories is a knowledge requiring constant referencing and practise and studying to master the skill. It took me years of practising and referring. I normally jot down in detail what I have eaten and check on the net, the menu or my calorie count reference books to count exactly the calories that I have consumed in every meal. By joting down in my little weight loss journal, I will tend to remember the calorie count for my favourite meals. By now, I can mentally count the calories and have an estimation of my total calories consumed for the day.

It looks silly to do this at first but it helps in the long term. By mastering this skill, you need not follow any specific diet plan or recipe to lose weight. You need not need pay anyone for specific diet plan. You just mix and match your favourite food from your favorite restaurant with total freedom. If you know you have consumed too many calories during an office celebration, just cut down your intake dinner and possibily avoid snacking at all times. It is just that simple. You need to proper control your calories to lose weight.

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