Calories in Alcohol - Avoid It!

The calories in alcohol is almost equivalent to a soft drink. Avoid alcohol during lose weight period. Do not consume any alcohol especially during the 6 Steps to Fast Weight Loss Programs. You can add it back later once you have achieved your idea weight.

Here are the reasons why you need to AVOID alcohol during lose weight period:-

i) On average, one can of beer contains approximately 155 calories. This is even higher than soft drinks. If you really need to have a drink, avoid beer but pick a glass of red or white wine. A glass of red or white wine on average is approximately 88 calories. Here is a list of estimated calories in alcohol beverages.

calories in alcohol

*depending on brands and serving, this list is just a very rough guide.

ii) You tend to lose control after drinking a few drinks and totally forgot about your lose weight program. You will end up finishing half a bottle of wine before you know it and absorbing a lot more calories than you should. This will definitely take a few more extra days to burn off.

iii) Normally you tend to feel hungry after a few drinks. You will have a late night meal or eat something to make you full. That will increase your calorie count again.

iv) Alcohol also reduce the body’s ability to burn fat. It will stop your liver from getting rid of any fat already there and contributes to obesity. A noticeable area will be the fat storage around the belly area.

v) If you really cannot resist the temptation, switched to light beer. On average light beer has slightly lower calories, approximately 110 calories compared to a normal can of beer at 155 calories.

For those who have been drinking beer all summer long, you will notice very obvious weight gain. So if you want to lose weight, stop drinking. Switched to zero calories drink like Water or Green Tea. See Water Weight Lossor Green Tea Weight Loss for more details.

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