Calorie Counting - Step 3

Calorie Counting

Master the art of calorie counting. This is third steps to our 6 steps fast weight loss program. Read Calorie to Lose Weight section carefully and master it. This will not only help you in the short term, it will help you to maintain your weight after the program.

Rule of thumb, you need approximately 1,500 calories a day. For men, approximately 2,000 calories. Again it varies on many factors, size, weight and individuals. Most doctors will recommend not to lose more than 500 calories a day. Just keep this in mind.


No matter what you do, you have to take breakfast. Choose whichever type of breakfast you like but keep it in the 250 calories range. For example, I normally have a cup of coffee with milk (approximately 130 calories) and a piece of bread (approximately 120 calories). You can choose skim milk or 2% milk to reduce the calories.

When doing calorie counting, beware of high calories breakfast, the calories in a Danish pastry or muffin would be higher than a burger sometimes! I have done a list of Low Calorie Breakfast with its comparison on the calories, you can use it as a reference.


For the first 2 weeks of your program, have salad for lunch at least 3 – 4 times a week. Any type of salad, keep the dressing at the side, only use a little when it is too bland. If you are having chicken salad, only take a very tiny piece of chicken, not everything. Only take mineral water or water when you are taking salad. See Low Calorie Foods for some calories comparison on fruits and vegetables to help you on your calories counting.

Eating raw vegetables like in salads actually acts like a mini detox for your body. Normally when I do that I notice my skin glows slightly after 2 weeks of 7 meals of raw vegetables. No pimples too.

Whatever you take for lunch, allocate only approximately 300-350 calories. Do not skip any meal. Fasting to lose weight is not the approach we are taking here.


For the first 2 -3 days after eating only salad and mineral water for your lunch, you will feel hungry by 3 -4 pm in the afternoon. Drink water to lose weight is a way to keep yourself full for a short while. Also, you can pick up a snack or a soya bean milk or anything that is within the 150 calories range to keep yourself full.


Eat your dinner before 8pm if possible. Keep it simple during the first 2 weeks. Vegetables, fish or chicken is fine. Just smaller portion then your normal meal. Allocate about 400-500 calories for your dinner. Try not to eat dessert if you are on diet. However, if you really need to eat, here is a list of Low Calorie Desserts you can choose from.

DO NOT consume:-


Keep it away at least for the first 2 weeks. You can add it back later. The Calories in Alcohol can be rather high, especially when you are drinking a few.

Soft drinks.

No soft drinks during the whole course of your 6 step fast weight loss programs. Drink only mineral water. Sometimes I drink juices or Green Tea which has zero calories and many health benefits. See Green Tea Weight Loss for more details.

Coffee, tea, latte.

Reduce it to the minimum as possible. Maybe keep it to only one per day. Reduce the milk intake to just one glass per day. Switch to low fat milk or skim milk to lower the calorie count.

Master the art of calorie counting might take you months or years. But once you have mastered it, it will help your weight loss effort a long way.

After calorie counting, move on to Step 4,Weight Loss Exercise when you are ready.

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