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Low Calorie Desserts

What are some of the low calorie desserts you can have when you are on diet? I love desserts, I am one of those who will skip main course and eat only desserts.

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Low Calorie Cakes

I have ensemble a list of low calorie cakes with calories of below 300 calories per piece. Most cakes and desserts are rather high in calorie avoid icing and cream if you want to lose weight.

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Easy Weight Loss for Teens - 3 Steps

I have received many emails asking for easy weight loss for teens. Many of them are self-aware that they are overweight and some are under pressured by peers.

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Quick Weight Loss Tips - 7 Easy Tips

Here are 7 quick weight loss tips that can help you shred a few pounds. These are very easy and simple fast weight loss tips that you can do for free everyday and no exercise involved!

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Walking to Lose Weight

My favourite weight loss method is walking to lose weight. I am still practising it everyday to keep myself slim, fit and healthy.

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