A Unique, Simple, Effective
Lose Weight Fast Method!

Over the years, I have tried many ways to lose weight fast. Everything from weight loss detox, diet pills, exercise to lose weight, yoga, calories counting and joining expensive gym membership which I did not really go in the end.

I have realised that lose weight is a learning process like cycling. It is not a one off event as we tend to grow fat again due to our relaxing lifestyle. It has to be a knowledge that we need to master in order to successfully lose weight at any point in time and maintain it for a longer time.

After spending years and thousands of dollar on so many different ways to lose weight, I have found a fast, free and effective method to lose weight. I can do it myself anytime, anywhere and it doesn’t cost me any money.

Why am I doing this? Because I have shared this with many friends of mine and it has benefited many. After a while, it got a bit overwhelming. Therefore, instead of explaining the whole weight loss process to more friends, I have decided to share this with everyone who might need it.

Sure is Free? This is a free for all, Do-It-Yourself (DIY), Lose Weight Fast communities website. The process that I am about to share is just a simple, fast, free and effective method to lose weight. You should be able to lose weight in two weeks time by following the method closely. If you do not see result in two weeks time, just find other ways to lose weight, you have nothing to lose and it does not cost you anything. However, please see disclaimer first and consult your medical doctor before you start especially if you have any specific medical condition or do not feel comfortable in between your lose weight period.

Ready to try the unique, simple, free and effect lose weight fast method?

Free Weight Loss Plans - Preparation
There are two preparation to free weight loss plans before you start your fast weight loss programs, Digital Weigh Scale and Weight Loss Journal.
Weight Loss Motivation
Weight loss motivation to help you keep your momentum and stay focus in your diet plan.
Fast Weight Loss Programs - 6 Step
A unique 6 steps to fast weight loss programs, the F.E.C Method. Free, simple and Do It Youself (DIY) lose weight plan.
Fast Weight Loss Programs - Step 1
The first step to our fast weight loss programs is to weigh yourself correctly on a digital weight scale.
Fast Weight Loss Programs - Step 2
The second step in our fast weight loss programs is to record your weight in the weight loss journal everyday.
Calorie Counting - Step 3
Master the art of calorie counting is the third steps to lose weight fast. Plan your weight loss with low calories food.
Weight Loss Exercise - Step 4
Weight Loss Exercise, pick one form of exercise to lose weight. Anything from walking to lose weight, running, swimming or cycling.
Drink Water to Lose Weight - Step 5
Drink water to lose weight is the fifth step to fast weight loss programs. As simple and easy tips, water help to loss weight.
Weight Loss Journal - Step 6
The weight loss journal will be the last step to this free weight loss plans program. Write down your weight loss calories in the diet plans journal.
Exercise Lose Weight
Choose an easy exercise lose weight method for the same weight loss fast effective fitness outcome. Try running to lose weight, walking, swiming or cycling.
Calories to Lose Weight
The calories to lose weight plan include free calorie diet, calories counting tips to give you the quick weight loss effect.
Water Weight Loss
Simple and cheap water weight loss method, drink water to lose weight. How to use water to help you lose weight.
Quick Weight Loss Tips - 7 Easy Tips
Here are 7 quick weight loss tips that can help you shred a few pounds. These are very easy and simple fast weight loss tips that you can do for free everyday and no exercise involved!
Green Tea Weight Loss
Green tea weight loss? My experience of drinking green tea to lose weight for over six months.
Walking to Lose Weight
My favourite weight loss method is walking to lose weight. I am still practising it everyday to keep myself slim, fit and healthy.
Running to Lose Weight
Running to lose weight is one of the fastest and best weight loss exercise. Just run or jog for half and hour everyday and see how much calories you can burn.
Fasting To Lose Weight
There are many people who believe fasting to lose weight is the quickest weight loss method. However, it will create a yo-yo effect to your diet and weight in the longer run.
Foods to Lose Weight
Foods to lose weight, what are the types of foods to avoid for weight loss. Switched to low calorie foods for healthy diet.
Weight Loss Help
In this weight loss help article, we have assembled a list of reasons why many people can’t lose weight successfully.
Weight Loss Blog
The Weight Loss Blog keeps you updated with all the new diet articles and new interesting lose weight tips to the lose-weight-fast-free.com Web site. Subscribe here.
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Low Calorie Desserts
What are some of the low calorie desserts you can have when you are on diet? I love desserts, I am one of those who will skip main course and eat only desserts.
Low Calorie Foods
We have assembled a list of low calorie foods for the purpose of calorie counting during weight loss period.Fruits and vegetables are the best optiion in low calorie meals during diet.
Easy Weight Loss for Teens - 3 Steps
I have received many emails asking for easy weight loss for teens. Many of them are self-aware that they are overweight and some are under pressured by peers.